Privacy Policy

In general any information you post in our app, website, email or any form of contact with any of our services in any way is collected. You can choose not to provide us any of these information but some information is required in order for you to enjoy the relevant offerings from Triplore and our partners.

You will also have opportunities to provide information for other people. In order to do so, you are required to obtain that individual’s consent prior to providing Triplore the information.

We can also collected personal and no-personal information of you from affiliated entities, business partners and other independent third parties. We will also collect some information from your computer or devices when using Triplore services.

If you make a payment through Triplore, we will collect your payment information and transmit your information to external parties to make the payment. These external parties will process your payment, and by making a reservation through Triplore, you agree to the policies and procedures of these external parties. Triplore will also collaborate with third party vendors to provide travel services and in such cases, similar regulations are applied.

We collect information of your location to provide better user experience and for advertising purposes when using Triplore. If you do not wish to share your location, you can turn off the GPS or share location settings in your phone.

Triplore will also use cookies to help provide the users better content, user preference and for research and analysis of behaviour and of our own services.

Triplore uses the information collected about the user generally for the following purposes:
For registration and managing of user account.
To communicate with the user
For publishing any content you post directly or indirectly to the Triplore community.
To assist in the booking and reservation of any services Triplore may provide.
For research and analysis of our or any third-party products and services.
To customize your experience with Triplore.
To solicit information from you.
To prevent prohibited or illegal activities or any that may go against our terms and conditions. Triplore may share your information with our suppliers, vendors, business partners, referring websites, social media services and other companies within our corporate company. The purpose of sharing is as described above in this document.

We may also share information with other individuals or entities if we believe in our sole discretion that it is necessary even for purposes not stated in this document.

We will try to protect your information but we do not guarantee security. Ttriplore will not be held responsible for any loss or leak of information.

If you need to make any changes to your information you may do so under settings in our website or app. You may also email

Any changes made to this document will take effect upon posting and by using any Triplore services, you agree to our privacy policy.